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Regla vibrante para acabado de superficie de hormigón


Vibrating screed ,oscillation mechanism to allow work in both directions, produce very accurate level without the need of guiding rails. It is designed to reduce time spent in leveling and economic finishing of large areas
of concrete. The vibration of the blade improves the consolidation of the concrete and reduces time spent "bull floating" the concrete surface.


● The blade produced from hollow section aluminum extrusion with convex profiled sole, is specially designed for the pushing and pulling of concrete
● Blade angle is easily controlled (for forward/backward movement) by a blade pitch control
● Clip together handle offer a maximum reach of 5.4 meters with 3 extension sections
● 4 different working width: 1.5m ,2.0m,2.5m,3.0m
● Available with 4 strokes petrol engine for all current needs of the market
● Ergonomically design reduces physical effort and fatigue
● Low cost to purchase and maintenance
● Easy cleaning and transportation

Technical Specification | Engines Assembly|without blades





                                                               Air-cooled, 4-cycle
Engine Type     Petrol, Masalta 135F

 Robin EH025

 Honda GX25

Power Kw (hp)    0.8(1.1)



Weight Kg (lbs)    10(22)



Handle Length M (ft)  1.8(6) to 5.4(18)

 1.8(6) to 5.4(18)

 1.8(6) to 5.4(18)

Screed Blade

Model  MMDB-1  MMDB-2  MMDB-3  MMDB-4
Length M (ft)  1.5(5)  2(6.6)  2.5(8.2)  3(9.8)
Weight Kg (lbs)  6.2(13.7)  8.3(18.3)  10.3(22.7)  12.4(27.3)

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