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Versatile machine for any surface and coatings. Our strong and reliable MC8 scarifying machine (also called floor planner, floor scarifying, milling machines or surface preparation machine) is ideal for concrete, asphalt and steel surface. Utilizing our own manufactured, a variety of hardened steel cutter or tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) cutters or tungsten carbide milling flails, it can be used for:

Sidewalk repair
Coating removal
Floor preparation or cleaning
Creating non-slip surface
Traffic marking removal
Concrete joints and uneven
surface grinding


● Cutting depth adjustment
● Strong handle
● Front mounting lifting handle makes easy transportation
● Anti-vibration mounts makes comfortable operation
● Powder coated finish
● Dust control outlet
● Easy-control engine stop switch
● Sealed quality bearing ensure longer life

MC8E with Electric Motor


Maquinaria para la Construcción:


ELLOIL Productos & Servicios Industriales Cia. Ltda.

Dirección: Calle José Félix Barreiro N50-80 y De Los Álamos, Quito - Ecuador
Teléfonos: 0988586745 / 6011905
Email: info@elloil.com.ec

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