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Termómetros bimetálicos


REOTEMP’s Bimetal Thermometers are reliable and accurate temperature sensors requiring no electricity or wiring. Back Connect Thermometers are ideal for local, eye-level temperature readings in most process applications. They can be recalibrated with a turn of the calibration screw on the back of the dial. A variety of options are available for your specific process needs.

    Dial can be adjusted to any position for easy viewing.
    Made to ASME B40.3 Specifications
    Accuracy ± 1o/o Full Scale (ASME B40.3 Grade A)
    All Stainless Steel Construction
    Hermetically Sealed (ASME B40.3)
    Silicone Fillable for Vibration
    Standard External Reset for Easy Calibration
    OEM Logo Dials/Custom Dials
    Five Year Warranty


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