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Manómetro de seguridad HF


REOTEMP Model MSX HF Safety Gauge is a specially designed Mechanical Pressure Gauge for use in Hydrofluoric Acid service. Both the diaphragm seal components and pressure gauge internals are made with Monel A400 material, complying with EPA rules on dual containment. The entire diaphragm seal system is completely welded and coated with acid-detecting paint providing a visual alert in the event of a process leak around the diaphragm seal.

  • All Welded System Eliminating Potential Leak Points and Assuring Tamper-Proof Installation
  • Gold Plated Monel Diaphragm Available for Aerated HF Service
  • Acid Detecting Paint on Seal Body
  • Assembly Cleaned per ASME B40.1 Level IV and Shipped in Sealed Bag


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